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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My reflection for the thinking and brainstorming lessons

My reflections:

My group had many ideas that were very creative, but some of them were just too hard to make or the things that were needed to make the items were for to expensive, too hard to find or too dangerous. But we used the methods that we were thought and finally had the ideas that we want. We had to make many hard decisions but we just had to make the decision so we cancelled our ideas and remained with the ideas that the people will not find too expensive and will use it for their daily lives.  


Sunday, 12 February 2012

My other blog

This is my school official blog, you can visit my private one. The URL is http://lifeofanaveragesingaporeangirl.blogspot.com/.

I have no idea what to put as the title

Just as what the title has said, I have no idea what to write about, so I will write about KPOP!!! Mostly about Super Junior. Just as I said, my favorite band member is Eunhyuk. I also like Sungmin because he is CUTE! Well, I practically like all the Lees in Super Junior. I also like SHINee, and my favorite members are Key and Onew! I also like SNSD and my favorite members are Hyoyeon and Jessica. People say that Hyoyeon is ugly, but I don't think so. Heheh.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More about me

As you know, I am in SST. So I obviously live in Singapore. If you are asking where, that is for me to know and for you to find out! I like to listen to K-pop. My favorite group is SUPER JUNIOR!!! YAY!!! My favorite member is Eunhyuk, who is the dancing machine of the group. I myself also like to dance and I can dance to Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, Rainbow, KARA and many more group's song. My favorite song is Super Junior's It's You. I like it because it is very catchy and it is very rich. I love to Facebook, watch telly, do sports. My CCA in SST is going to be Fencing. I tried Fencing in the CCA fair and i thought that the sword or whatever you call it is very heavy... But still, I will try my best and Make my school proud. In case you are wondering, I got 251 for my PSLE aggregate score with 3 A*s and one A. My friends say that that is quite low for 3 A*s, but still, it is better than nothing. I live in a 4-room HDB block with my parents and an annoying little brother. My birthday is on the second of August. One week before national day! Haha... That is all I can type now... Bye!

About my blog

In my blog, I have added a Fish pond and you can feed the ever-hungry fishes which are really CUTE!!!


Hi everybody,

I am Claudia, I am in SST, class S1-07 of year 2012. I really like my class, and I think it is the BEST class on earth. Although the class can be noisy and annoying at times, it is what we usually do that makes my class unique! I am really weak in my academics but I am really active and HYPER!!! YAY!!! I honestly think that I am too hyper. Heheh...